Why Buy a New House?

On -the -dockThere are enormous benefits to buying a new home versus a pre-owned home, and if you need a few good reasons, you've come to the right place.

New Home Benefits:

  1. Choice. Get exactly what you want. Choose between floor plans, design and decorating selections, location and setting. The choices are all your own when you buy new, and that makes for the most satisfying buying and living experience.
  2. Energy Efficiency. Not only do our new homes make for cleaner and greener living, but they also run more efficiently, significantly reducing the cost of your utilities and maintenance.
  3. Advanced Designs that Accommodate the Way You Actually Live. From increased storage/closet space to advanced technology and wiring, new home designs address the needs of contemporary living, and make your life simpler. With large, open floor plans, and increased functionality in kitchen, living and bathroom spaces, our homes make your life easier.
  4. Cost Efficiency. New homes require far less maintenance and are backed by exceptional warranties, keeping your maintenance costs low. Additionally, modern materials used for building both interior and exterior home spaces are built stronger and designed to last longer than those used in past years.
  5. New Housing is Safer and Stronger. Building codes and structural requirements are far more stringent than they used to be, and this works in your favor. New homes maintain higher standards in fire resistance, storm water management, basic structural requirements and materials usage/requirements.

It's easy to see why so many of our homeowners are thrilled they made the choice to buy new, and we're certain you will, too.


Many people are  drawn to foreclosures and short sales, hoping to get a bargain. Experience has shown, however, that they may not be such bargains after all. Consider:

1. Foreclosures and Short Sales can  take many months to close with little certainty. Platinum can give you a reliable schedule and peace of mind.

2. Foreclosures and Short Sales come without a warranty or customer service. Platinum stands behind its homes and has an in-house customer service department to make sure your needs are met.

3. Foreclosures and Short-Sales have typically been neglected and often sat vacant for long periods of time....Nothing is worse for a house or its equipment. Even with a home inspection, you never know the damage that has occurred in areas that are inaccessible.  

With Foreclosures and Short Sales, you never really know what you're buying, when you can move in, or what problems are hidden. We're sure you'll agree that a new Platinum home is a safer and better investment.